Film Raro Official Online Entry

This form to be completed by the film crew leader responsible for all communication and organisation.

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Project / Script

The project/script you submit must be specific to the location of Rarotonga in the Cook islands and able to be shot in seven days and delivered for a public screening on the eighth day.

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registration and assessment fee of NZD $65.00 with a credit card.
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Script Assessment

  • The final selection process will involve discussions between Film Raro producers and a short list of projects/ scripts.
  • These discussions will determine the final up to eight projects/ scripts and crews that will go into production on location in Rarotonga the Cook Islands May 2013.
  • Film Raro will start naming its finalist film crews by October 2012 with all crews named by the 14th of December 2012.

Important note*
Dont leave your entry to the last minute as we are now assessing the best overall teams and scripts for early selection.