Partnerships of a mutually beneficial nature are an important component of ensuring the success and sustainability of Film Raro2.

Capacity building partners

These partners will work with Film Raro2 to build the capacity of the Cook Island film and television industry and the services it will provide. It will be on the ground with the likes of cast, crew and production staff.

Strategic partners

The ACP-EU Enhancing capacity for the sustainability of Cultural and Creative Industries in the Pacific Project (CCIP) provides financial support, technical advice, and mentoring and capacity building schemes to artists and cultural producers from across the Pacific region. It seeks to increase the contribution and recognition of the culture and creative sector to economic revenue and commercial engagement in the Pacific Island region. The project is funded primarily by the ACP – EU Programme for the Pacific region and is implemented by the Pacific Community’s (SPC) Human Rights and Social Development Division and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Products and service support sponsors

These partners will reflect the environment that Film Raro2 will work in and provide assistance to ensure the environment is supportive to Film Raro2, its clients and the pople of the Cook Islands.

Currently Looking For Partners

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